Rogers Hometown Hockey Tour

The Rogers Hometown Hockey Tour came to Strathroy-Caradoc on November 2nd-3rd weekend. This was a big deal to our community as we were one of the 25 selected locations across Canada to be chosen. This was a televised event to celebrate our local hockey stories and this brought our community together. 

A lot of the store fronts downtown (where the event was set up) decorated their businesses to show support for this event. Of course our salon had to participate as well. 

Jooyce was plastered with hockey memorabilia. The memorabilia was provided by Samantha’s father Steve McKichan. 

Steve was born and raised in Strathroy, Ontario. He is a retired professional goaltender. Drafted out of Miami University by the Vancouver Canucks in the 1988 NHL Supplemental Draft. Shortly after he suffered a career ending neck injury. Steve later on worked as a goaltending coach with the Toronto Maple leafs. He has owned and operated Future Pro goalie school since 1992 and today the business is still going strong! 

-Jooyce Gals

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